Welcome to the BonnerPrendie Group WIKI

MBAP = Msgr. Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School

PLP = Powerful Learning Practices

D C = Digital Citizenship

Jim Strandberg, Diane Casey, Ryan Meyer, and Vince Mc Daniel have joined the Archdiocese of Philadelphia PLP Cohort.
As part of this cohort's vision, we have designed a wiki to assist parents, students, and faculty with Digital Citizenship.
Our goal is to provide information to assist with the 21st century tools that will promote understanding of the responsibilities and accountability for our students to be Digital Citizens, while in the spirit of school's Philosophy, Vision, and Mission.


Our specific goal for this project is to provide a portal with information that will assist parents by engaging the topics and acquire ownership of Digital Citizenship, in order to communicate with their children this important life model. Subsequently, this should improve the classroom culture, engaging the 21st Century Learners within Web 2.0 environments.


  • Internet Safety
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Creative Commons and Citing
  • Netiquette
  • AUP-Acceptable Use Policy


The Discussion Tab at the top of each page is an opportunity for you to comment, start a discussion with other parents or express an opinion.

Each page has the same discussion topic, which was posted by the PLP Group, giving you an opportunity to present your view on the topic.

Common Sense Media:
This is an organization which provides information and a portal for parents. Listed below is a link to their web site. Click the Parent Tips and browse for high school or age appropriate links. Other information is listed on the site for your queries. This may be a good, initial organization to join, as a resource for your internet parenting skills.

Common Sense Media
Links to Monthly Newsletter and Weekly issues



Mobile App

Common Sense Media video:

A Very Powerful Ad

A playlist for Digital Citizenship from Edutopia.org
This list of videos can be helpful to parents to speak with their children and informational point to discuss Digital Citizenship curriculum and protocol with the school:
D C Film Festival

A Network Group for resources on Diigo: